n814233953_1252091_9613_2Since 1985 I have worked with individuals, teams, organizations and communities as a coach and consultant around planning, collaborative problem solving, managing difficult conversations, developing values-based decision-making practices, long-range planning and envisioning, various forms of conflict engagement, and training in the areas of leadership development, communications and navigating challenging conversations and meetings.

My clients include organizations from around the country and have included for-profit organizations in the health care, manufacturing, financial, retail, entertainment and service sectors; religious, educational and not-for-profit institutions; and government programs and agencies.

I am a contracted mediator, consultant and trainer with the Mediation and Training Collaborative in Greenfield, Massachusetts, a member of the National Association for Conflict Resolution and part of its Academy of Advanced Practitioners, and a certified coach (CPCC). I haveĀ served as a facilitator coach for Soliya Connect, a program that brings together students from the U.S. and Arab-speaking worlds for dialogue and exploration.

My wife and I live on a small farm in the northern Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

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